Sunday, May 23, 2010

Basic Cat Care: How to Clip a Cat's Claws

Feline maintenance extends way beyond filling a bowl with chow, popping a pull-tab on a can, filling a water bowl, and scooping the cat box. Indoor cats need help to minimize the length of their claws. In the wild, cats wear down their nails with daily hunting and scenting activities. In the home, this isn't quite so easy.

Some cats take an extreme liking to the end of a sofa. The cat will visit the same spot daily to rake his claws down a roughened fabric surface. The cat really isn't intentionally scratching to ruin your furniture. Cats naturally perform this motion to sharpen and clean the nails. Your cat is also marking that sofa with a scent from the pads of his paws. That sofa belongs to kitty. It's part of the cat's territory.