Thursday, December 4, 2008

Creature comforts for old kitties

Old kitties love to be warm and toasty during naptime. Snuggling makes them happy. Why not get your cat a warm kitty bed for the holiday?

Maui is quite possessive of her bed and actually gets an annoyed look on her face when Clyde takes a nap in her sleeping spot. Sometimes she'll even pile in there with him. More often than not, she'll perch on the back of my chair and watch me write, soaking up the sun.

Simple kitty bed's start at $20 at Pet Smart or Petco. Most are easily machine washable - just toss them in on the gentle cycle. Let them air dry and put them on fluff in the dry to pull of the cat hair. I've put Maui's bed about 2 feet from the heat vent, tucked in a corner so she's nice and warm.

Hey, kitty's need presents too!

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