Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping things moving, so to speak

Despite my absence from updating this blog, I am here and I'm still doing 'CatMom" type things. Maui,the lovely old lady that graces the banner of the blog, had a rough go of it a few weeks ago. She had a urinary track infection that required a vet visit. She's now on antibiotics and doing wonderfully. But for a few days there, I thought I was going to lose her. Having lost 2 animals to kidney failure, I'm tuned in to the distinctive signs. It's not pretty.

During my discussion with the vet, he noticed Maui is...let's put this delicately...a little "backed up." He said that as cats age, their food processes slower so sometimes we need to help things along. Maui does her business every 2-3 days and he said it won't hurt her. However, she'd feel alot better going more frequently.

The vet recommended putting a teaspoon of vegetable oil or fish oil into her food once a day. A completely safe and fast way to make sure things are all moving well.

Maui gets very happy when she does her business. In fact, she acts like the kitten she once was racing around the house.

There's nothing so wonderful as a happy cat! Even if a potty stop is the reason!

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