Monday, November 17, 2008

8 Ways to Improve your Old Cat's Health Right Now

Want to have immediate impact on your elderly kitty's health immediately? Try the following:

1. Feed a high quality wet food. Forget the grocery store brands. Choose a brand that lists meats in the ingredients first. And limit the cat chow intake too.

2. Add a little water to the wet food with every feeding to make gravy. Some cats are notoriously finicky water drinkers. Boosting their water intake is always a bonus, especially for kidney function.

3. Pitch those plastic cat dishes. Plastic retains the smell of all the food you've put in the bowl. Get a glass dish or bowl and use that instead.

4. Spruce up that water bowl with a cat fountain. Cats fountains encourage kitties to drink and play in the water. Models start at $35.

5. Give kitty a good grooming with a wide comb and brush. Older cats aren't as flexible and sometimes, it's just too much to reach all those spots on the body. Your cat will love the attention as much as you love showering him or her with attention.

6. Clip those claws carefully.

7. Break out the toys for some playtime. Why not give your old kitty a little exercise with a laser light or even a string?

8. Have yourself a good snuggle session with your cat. As kitties age, the might be shy or less inclined to seek you out for attention. A few pats and strokes will remind you both of why you have each other.

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