Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abandoned animals are victims of economy too

Abandoned cats and dogs are filling shelters as families struggle to pay mortgages and bills and simply don't have enough left over to care for the family pet. A sad state of affairs.

Here's an article of what's happening at a Boston shelter:

The reasons might be eviction or foreclosure. The result is a heartbroken animal needing a new home. And a heartbroken family having to give their beloved animal to the shelter.

This shelter has waived the $75 adoption fee in the hopes of having some of the hundreds of cats adopted quickly. Such a sad situation that's being repeated across this country.

And I truly can't help wondering about the real commitment we make to our animals as soon as they enter our lives. It's not an obligation we can take lightly. What a painful double-edged sword for owners and pets.

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