Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great Websites for Pet Owners

It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are so many fabulous web sites for animal lovers. But sometimes the scope of what's available just stuns me. People are so innovative. I love creativity.

While writing an article on Thursday, I hunted through the Internet for pet social networking sites. It seems there's a number of heavily trafficked sites. What exactly are pet social networking sites? Think Facebook or MySpace for your critters. Truly extraordinary.

We shower our pets with love and attention so it shouldn't surprise anyone that pet lover's would broadcast this love on the internet. Two sites, and have thousands on members. Dogster has 180,000 members. Wow! Both sites allow picture posting and let your pets have "friends" for socializing.

I came across another site last week that provides a wealth of information for cat owners. is a comprehensive site that can answer questions, provide tips and hints for behaviorial problems, and even has a feature called "ClubCat" for users to set up their very own webpage for their cat. It requires membership.

I'll be posting other links for great sites as I find them. It definitely take a village to take care of our pets too. Sharing information helps to keep our beloved animals healthy and happy.

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