Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving for Cats

Behold the familiar sight of your cat circling around your legs or lurking under the kitchen table as you carve your turkey this Thanksgiving and heap the table with home-cooked goodies. Beware though...your cat might end up with a belly-ache or worse if you include heaping his plate full of food too.

Many of the foods we cook just aren't good for your cat. Slipping the cat a piece of chicken or turkey might seem fine, but beware of the seasonings used to cook the food. Onions and garlic aren't good for cats and can cause anemia. The old adage that a cat can handle chicken or turkey bones just isn't true. Any animal (or human) can choke on a bone.

Older cats might still have good enough sniffers to seek out that turkey. My old kitty actually pounced on the turkey one year when we were all having dessert. Left unguarded and uncovered, the turkey was fair game for Cleo. As far as she was concerned. We thought differently.

If you must give a special meal to your kitty at Thanksgiving, why not purchase a premium brand of cat food as a treat? Plenty of brands have turkey. Better yet, buy a can of Weruva. This is basically human food in a can. My older cat loves it as do my younger cats. At $1.69 per can, they'd better.

Too many people in your home might send your old kitty racing from her favorite spot to a quiet spot under the bed. Make sure she's left alone but has access to food, water and a litter box. And of course, keep any tormenting children away from your older cats (and all pets).

Check out this link for information on keeping your cat safe this Thanksgiving:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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